CV WEEK 001: DECEMBER 23, 2017

“How naïve could you be?” Bobbi whispered to the reflection in her bathroom mirror. She was unsure if she was asking herself or her body’s cohabitant, Psylocke. Regardless, Bobbi was exasperated by herself and Psylocke. The first shift was never easy for anyone. But Psylocke had made it somewhat bearable for them by remaining mostly quiet this week. That was up until a few moments ago.

I was just trying to protect us.

Bobbi turned the faucet on. She didn’t want anyone to hear her talk to “herself.” Bobbi inhaled and exhaled a deep breath. Earlier, Psylocke had attempted to combat another shifter only to realize that she was powerless in this dimension. Additionally, her continual distrust in Bobbi proved to be unwise after Bobbi had taken back control and somehow subdued the shifter which Psylocke felt threatened by but couldn’t defend Bobbi nor herself against.

Recalling everything that happened tonight made Bobbi’s head spin. Why was it so difficult to have a “normal,”, an “ordinary” life?

“I don’t need you to protect me. You are not real!” Bobbi countered in a far nastier tone than originally intended. Despite some of the most important people in her life telling her that she wasn’t going insane, Bobbi was still covertly in denial. And even though she had experienced the truth first-hand at X-Mansion on Friday and Saturday, she still found it easier to reject the truth. Bobbi found it difficult to accept the futuristic hologram of Phil Henrickson and the captivating wings that sprawled from Joseph Warren’s back as well as their alter egos — not to mention Erin's, Lola's, and Molly’s too. Denial was a common practice in Bobbi’s life and she liked to think that it made her life easier.

Bobbi’s last four words echoed in Psylocke’s thoughts as her presence began to gradually fade away. Unbeknownst to them, the shift was coming to an end. Bobbi was right, Psylocke thought. She didn’t feel real. It was a dreadfully familiar feeling. Nothing belonged to Psylocke – not even Bobbi’s body which was likely Kwannon’s body because their appearances were exactly alike.

And just like that, Psylocke vanished with plenty of words left unsaid – for now.